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Is the Interior Styling Guide? 

is The Interior Styling Guide for?

does The Interior Styling Guide work?

do I need The Interior Styling Guide?

The Interior Styling Guide is an Australian owned and built software solution to streamline and grow your interior styling and design business

The Interior Styling Guide is for anyone working in the interior styling industry or as a home staging professional, whether your focus is residential property, Airbnb, commercial outfitting, or hotels.

We will provide you with login details to enter our web based software. It offers a range of design elements, combined with an easy online purchasing feature which allows you to select from a range of homewares and furniture from Australian suppliers.

The Interior Styling Guide drastically reduces your manual styling, consultation, communication, and stock management processes. It also allows you to boost your income year-round as your clients can stagger their purchasing to suit their budgets


Make it yours

The Interior Styling Guide is available to you as a white label software.

This means that your clients won't see our branding - they'll see yours.

Add your own logos and you can start offering The Interior Styling Guide to your clients straight away.


How much does The Interior Styling Guide cost?

The initial cost to all new licensees is $350, which covers your essential starter pack. The starter pack includes marketing resources so you can promote your new business feature with confidence.

From there, the charge for every Guide you generate for a client costs them $599, $110 of which goes to Mavico to cover the cost of software maintenance, product development, and marketing solutions. The remaining $489 goes to you.

There are no other start-up or on-going costs to use The Interior Styling Guide

How do I get started with The Interior Styling Guide?

Getting started is simple! Once you've purchased your essential starter pack, we'll guide you through installing the software on your computer.

We'll then train you on everything from the basics of on-boarding clients, receiving payments, and inputting measurements, to the more in-depth processes of designing spaces, navigating the online product selections, and sending completed Guides to your clients.

We know it sounds like a lot, but we've designed The Interior Styling Guide to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you’ll be using it confidently in no time.

Low Financial Commitment

Start Off Strong

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Rest assured that we won’t just set you loose after training you; you’ll have ongoing support for the duration of your licence (no lock-in contracts). That means guidance if you ever feel stuck, tips and inspiration on how to maximise every aspect of the software, and access to a community of other design and styling professionals.

Because Mavico is owned and established by a long-term industry professional and a computer programming whiz, you're in safe hands whether you need advice on a styling dilemma or help with a technical question.

Ongoing Support

What happens if I get stuck?

Long Term Benefits

How does The Interior Styling Guide help grow my business?

Aside from offering a convenient and low-cost service to your clients, The Interior Styling Guide is designed to save you time and money by eliminating many of the manual aspects of interior styling and design.

You no longer need to hold stock for your clients as the interactive Guides are designed for them to purchase each piece as their budget allows. Once you've sent the Guide, they can buy everything at once and enjoy their home makeover immediately, or add a lamp here and a rug there over the space of months. Because they’re purchasing through the software from the approved Australian wholesalers we've teamed up with, the markup cost goes back into your pocket as income.

Let us explain exactly what this process looks like for your clients.