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Case Study

Let us show you why this is a great model to integrate into your business.

Welcome to our case study where I wanted to explain how the

Mavico DIY styling software can help you generate a second income stream

Before we start, our suggestion is that you read the Styling Guide info page first so that you get a really good understanding how it all works. 

The FAQ page is also filled with a lot of additional useful information

The Interior Styling Guide cost your client $599 excl. GST for a 2.5 hour consultation which includes three areas of their property

$110 of the $599 is the licensing fee that you pay to Mavico with each Guide sold.

This means, you earn $489 for 2.5-3 hours – your hourly rate is $163 + GST

You can add an additional area for $150 which is 100% your earnings.


Looking at the case study below, this shows you roughly how easy it is to generate additional income.

The Interior Styling Guide

This is how!

When the client purchases the marked products your profit is $3266


All it would have taken you  is to create the invoice, pay the supplier and arrange delivery, straight to the clients property.


Let's say it took you one hour to generate the invoices and arrange delivery, your charge is $3266 per hour.

As an example

Interior Styling Guide
Interior Styling Software

•You select the products WITH the client, so you don’t have to go back and forth with different options afterwards.

•You don’t have to search for hours to find the different options after the consultation.

•After the consultation - you press ONE BUTTON to create the interactive Interior Styling Guide – the software does it all for you!

•And you press ONE BUTTON to create a mood board

•No more spending hours on jobs that don't generate money – use that time to spend with your family, treat yourself to a facial or sip on a cocktail.

•And if you are a property stylist, you can still do staging and use this as a great filler and maximise the earning potential from ALL of your clients.

The difference is . .