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When: Friday, 7 May 2021

Time: 9am AEST

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This is what we have on offer if you start using the software!

  • Continue earning money, long after you have done the consult with your client - we will tell you how.

  • Time!! Something that money can't buy.  Work less and have more free time.

  • Be involved in a tribe where positive entrepreneurs encourage and motivate.

  • A community who are by your side all the way and that will help as much as possible to get you started.

  • An opportunity to get paid for every hour that you work.

  • The opportunity to tap into the interior styling market that is easy, fast and rewarding

  • And lastly, add a profitable income stream into your business

This is what some stylist's say about the software:

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Lisa Sheenan

After being in the Interior Styling Industry for many years now, we are acutely aware of how innovative this new Styling Guide software is and how it is a game changer for the industry as a whole.  The benefits to wholesale and retail suppliers alone will be immeasurable.

The software allows us to engage with an untapped market of furniture & homewares buyers. Essentially, the software is a direct conduit between dormant buyers and suppliers by way of “in-home styling consultations” that  bring the stores & suppliers into their world in a thoughtful and  accessible manner

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Katherine Bongiorno

I just wanted to reach out and thank you and your team at Mavico for providing the solution that I so needed within my interior styling business! 

Your amazing software has given me a solution to the problems I was facing on a daily basis! 

I have now gained so much time back, with the software creating the moodboards and shopping list that the clients can easily access and purchase from to bring the style to life! My clients have loved the interactive & organised experience with me. How did I ever live without it!

Thanks Again.

Kirsty Adorned Abode logo-Recovered.jpg

Kirsty Stone

Having access to software that could streamline the above steps, and providing a tool that can produce a document for the client almost instantly would be extremely beneficial. Ideally having pre sourced inventory to showcase the client, that could be constantly growing and upgraded, would allow me to feel confident that what I am offering my client is new and fresh.


Finally, something that presents all that information clearly and professionally for the client, would increase sales potential.

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Rosie Annan

I absolutely love this easy-to-use software. It has helped me put together spectacular styling presentations for my clients. 


The feedback received has been that of when previously out shopping for furniture & décor, it had started to become very overwhelming. The guide has given them a better sense of direction and knowing it is expert styling advice, has given them so much more confidence in creating their dream home.


It’s a wonderful perk to be able to easily create styling solutions for our clients in a matter of hours. This really is a great design tool!