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How it Works!

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Let us explain . . .

Platforms like clearly reveal the small number of houses that are styled prior to being put on the market.  As a result, some don’t sell, and others never realise their desired price. BUT should anybody sell their greatest asset when it is presented “as is” or “just ok”?

Property staging as we know it has developed over the years and gained some traction in the market, but still there are so many people that can't afford the service.  We have a passion to help people and we understand the tricks of the trade to make suggestions that will cost a minimal amount but have a large impact.  We know that it is not just about fluffing cushions, it is so much more! 

So, we at Mavico have developed an easy to use program with all the hard work done for you. Pre-programmed content offers you an abundance of options to choose from allowing you to select the items that you would like to have included in the DIY Guide and the software does the rest.


We know all too well that time is money and that is exactly what we have taken into consideration when we created the software. 


We know all to well that time is money and that is exactly what we have taken into consideration when we created the software.  It is a super easy to use program with pre-programmed content, leaving you to just select by the click of a button to choose the items that you would like to have included in the DIY Guide and the software does the rest.

Looking at a platform like 

it clearly shows the small amount of houses that are styled.  There are many houses that looks ok and therefore have they decided not to sell, BUT can anybody afford to sell their biggest assets when it is presented "just ok"?  We, at Mavico is passionate about really helping people and that is one of the key reasons why we have started this business and we can make a difference if we offer and affordable solution that can help everyone. Help them to achieve top dollar and move on to potentially buy that home that they have been dreaming about. 

Why use the Mavico Software?

Mavico’s DIY Property Staging Guide is an effective and proven business and financial enhancement capability system.

Rapidly grow your business without investing in more stock. 

The objective is to offer the DIY Property Staging Guide solution to your clients while additionally highlighting the other services that you provide.

Paid leads that are financially strong with the goal to up-sell your furniture and accessory rental business. 

Grow your business rapidly without investing more in stock. 

A system that allows you to do work on the spot, no more after hours work = Leaving you more time to spend at leisure!

Grow your business rapidly without investing more in stock. 

Get paid for every hour you work, a stark contrast to property staging as we know it, wouldn't that be nice?

Using Mavico Software as part of your business model will allow you to target a large part of the market that has been missed out on …  until now.

Property Staging is perceived as expensive and that is why most people don't even consider it. For most people, paying $3,000+ for property staging is totally out of their budget and they miss out on the crucial assistance a property stylist can offer - a choice that no one should have to make.

DIY Property Staging opens a whole new target audience - A solution for everyone!




Paid Leads


Financial Benefits


Large Audiences

Understanding the client and their challenges

At times, selling a home can be a stressful, lonely, or overwhelming experience and not knowing where to start is quite common. Mavico aims to take the pain away by providing the client with a DIY Guide that highlights the most important tasks to tackle, alleviating the endless questions about whether or not to replace the carpet, what colour to repaint, what light fitting to choose or how to increase your ‘curb appeal’.

The DIY Guide is prepared for the client’s home by a qualified interior stylist providing them with cost effective ways to make little changes that provide big impact. The Guide also provides them with trusted suppliers and products chosen to suit their home and tutorials on tasks they might want to have a go at themselves to avoid over capitalising on their property. 

​In short, the DIY Guide is a second set of eyes and a helping hand, supporting the client throughout the, sometimes chaotic, process of selling a home.

The DIY Property Staging Guide -

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The Process

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Let's Recap

  • A comprehensive home preparation solution without the price tag.

  • Affordable for everyone.

  • The DIY Guide offers a detailed, customised solution

  • Each DIY Guide is unique to each property

  • Making suggestions on the building finishes are crucial. The DIY Guide is not just about adding furnishings – it looks at every aspect of the client’s home and suggests changes that will have the biggest impact without over capitalising.​

  • The Guide is instant – after the in-house consultation, the client receives the Guide within minutes in their inbox.

  • The DIY Guide means the client will no longer be frantically running after the stylist trying to take notes.

  • The DIY Guide is an interactive document with links to tutorial videos, retailers and specific products that have been selected for them. No more wondering what light fitting to purchase or how to put the cushions on the sofa.

  • The Guide includes all areas of the property from the post box, to the bathroom, right through to the back fence. ​

  • The client is in the driver’s seat – the DIY Guide is their detailed map supporting them through the process, but with you as support, offering additional paid consultations. ​





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