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"As an interior stylist with my own interior styling and property staging business, I encountered several time-consuming challenges.

Time is not free. It may feel like the cheapest currency one has but I believe it is really the opposite.

I am all for work/life balance, and less of the constant product sourcing and creation of styling documents and mood boards. 

I recognised that this is a challenge faced by the interior styling industry and I needed to create a better solution that focusses on ROI.


Consequently, over the past 3 years I have been working on creating an interior styling platform, Mavico Interior Styling Software, the first in Australia, and I want to share this with you and show you how easy it is to add it to your business. "

- Maryna King

Our Team

Maryna King

Maryna King

Mavico Director and Founder

Meet Maryna King. An interior designer with over a decade of advanced industry expertise that spans from South Africa, to Dubai, to Singapore, to Australia, Maryna is now based in Brisbane and proudly runs a successful and profitable interior styling and property staging business.


The quintessential creative personality, Maryna’s career has always centered on crafting beautiful things and looking outside the box to create solutions. She began her professional life in South Africa as a graphic designer, which soon evolved into running her own wedding styling business, which morphed into an interior styling and property staging business - all of which further fuelled her entrepreneurial appetite.


Throughout her styling career, Maryna helped so many people make delightful improvements to their homes, and she continually had clients request not only to style their homes before selling, but also to style their homes when planning to stay. 


However, the time-consuming and inefficient nature of sourcing the appropriate light fitting, the perfect cupboard door handle, the right art, or sofa, or mirror, etc, was not a viable business solution - nor was the aching back at the end of the day when she sat down to do the necessary evil  - paperwork. 


It was at that point Maryna made it her mission to modernise the way Interior professionals presented their skills and services to the world. This led to her developing Mavico, an innovative software solution that is efficient and gets the job done in no time. This new software opens up a whole new income stream to interior stylists and designers.


Always thinking bigger, Maryna has moved on to developing a business model which allows her to license the software to any stylist in Australia. This allows the stylist to plug into this platform and add this extremely profitable income stream to their current business model, with big potential to generate a substantial amount of money.

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Kathryn Edmonds

Marketing Manager

Boasting a decade-deep of creative industry knowledge Kathryn’s skills and expertise are vast and lay predominantly in her ability to connect with The Styling Guide consumers through highly engaging and captivating communication. She understands the importance of helping brands find their unique voice in the market and implementing effective ways to maximise their message that cuts through the noise of today’s digital landscape.

As a qualified Fashion Designer, Stylist and Content Marketer, Kathryn has a strong background in customised and end-to-end campaign creation that is not only visually stunning, it’s results-driven and innovatively crafted to suit each of her client’s unique desired outcomes.


Tony Smith


Following a 20-year career in senior commercial roles within professional service multi-national companies Tony’s passion today is seeing Mavico flourish and achieve its full potential. Regardless of size or geographic footprint, the challenges faced by all businesses are the same and every organisation is equally deserving of access to the necessary commercial skills to help set them apart. Tony’s mission is to connect Mavico with best practices from leading multi-national organisations. Working collaboratively with our clients we can create beautiful homes and maximise everyone’s return.

Advisory Board


Lisa Sheehan

The Styling Depot

Lisa has always loved turning a property into a home, one that people instantly fall in love with. Professionally, Lisa has been working with colour, balance and rules of design as a make-up & hair artist in the film industry since 1998.

In between projects throughout her career in the film industry, Lisa gained extensive experience in renovating and profitably selling properties. Lisa then naturally transitioned to becoming a certified property stylist in 2014. 


Meredith Schultz

The Style Dept.

Meredith  established The Style Dept. in 2015 and specialised for four years in property staging for real estate agent clients and homeowners while managing the occasional interior decoration project for sellers and buyers who wanted help recreating the same look and feel in their own homes. More recently, she has shifted focus to concentrate on partial and full interior decoration and styling services for residential and commercial projects. 


She was always that child who kept changing her room around so the bug was planted at an early age, though it only surfaced after careers in tourism destination marketing, events and corporate communications (and sponging up inspiration from interiors and styling magazines over the years).


Kathryn Edmonds

Creative Hub Global

With close to 15 years of creative industry expertise, Kathryn brings a fresh and innovative perspective to our advisory board. Her skillset and background were predominantly spent in the fashion styling and visual merchandising world however after further honing her love of bringing beauty and aesthetics together she found herself also offering bespoke marketing and social media services to her global client base. This is what ultimately inspired her to create a full end-to-end creative agency, Creative Hub Global.


Her ability to connect with consumers through highly engaging and captivating digital communication is what she is best known for these days and her edgy and eye-catching client campaigns are the definition of 'content marketing that cuts through'. As a result, her services are in high demand by those in the Interior Styling and Property Staging space, making her an asset to the Mavico Advisory Board.