You know how to style a home. Here’s how to bring it to life –

right in front of your client’s eyes


As an interior designer or home staging expert, you’ve always faced one major hurdle.

How to clearly demonstrate to your clients what their property will look like after you’ve designed their space?


Now, it's made simple with two software option from Mavico

The Interior Styling Guide is an advanced user interface specifically designed for interior styling professionals. If you’re ready to offer your clients a unique service while streamlining your processes and maximising your profits, click here to learn more.


Interior Styling Guide

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A DIY home staging solution for property stylist which allows you to focus on a large portion of the market who can't afford complete property staging.

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Whether you’re just starting out in interior design or home staging or you’re a veteran of the industry, you know that consultations and projects can be complex and drawn out. 


But now you can make it easier on yourself and your clients with the Mavico Interior Styling Guide – a bespoke, white label software program that lets you maximise your time and profits by simplifying every stage of the process, from quote to completion.

No more:

Wasted hours (and aching backs!) shifting furniture back and forth

Sourcing curtains, door handles, light fixtures, and end tables from multiple suppliers

Shovelling your profits back into purchasing stock, renting warehouse space, and hiring transport companies

Wasted time spent on quotes and consultations without a conversion to show for it at the end

Trying to communicate your vision to a client who can’t quite imagine it

                                                               . . .   style it perfectly using our custom-built software, and send it straight to your client so they can see exactly what the finished outcome will be. The interactive design offers complete walk-throughs and the ability to make adjustments on the fly.

We’ve also teamed up with furniture and homeware suppliers so you can pick from their collections straight from the screen, and even purchase everything you need right then and there. You’ll make commissions from the sales, which boosts your income and saves you time scouring multiple websites for that one perfect item.

The Interior Styling Guide lets you 

. . .

Hi, I’m Maryna King,

the founder of Mavico.


Mavico was developed out of need. As a qualified interior designer and manager for a home staging company, I have spent countless hours revising clients’ designs, communicating changes with them, and sourcing products. I decided that all of these aspects should actually be combined into one simple and functional process, and so, with the help of my extraordinarily talented programmer brother Andre, I developed Ustage and the Interior Styling Guide.


Ustage is great solution for how owners wanting to stage or style their homes on a budget. They simply book a consultation with a property stylist, who examines the property and then sends a customised and interactive DIY Guide to the client. The client can then budget their upgrades over time and purchase products themselves.  

It’s a versatile piece of software which fits perfectly into any property stylist's range of services.

The Interior Styling Guide takes this concept a few steps further and puts it into your hands as a design professional. Simply hire the licence and you’re good to go. Now you can examine a property in person, make recommendations on the fly, browse current homeware and furniture ranges, and send the interactive design straight to your client who can explore it at their own convenience. By streamlining the entire process, you’ll have time for more clients…

which means more money back in your pocket.

Let us explain the How


What I liked most:


I liked knowing that I was being guided by an expert in interior styling, so I knew that the end result would be amazing.

I liked the ability to choose a 'style' to work with, and I was mind blown that the

Gemma Stodart

suggested items for my home were affordable and readily available. Not only did I love the suggestions, but I could afford to take on the recommendations, purchase the items and complete my home.

I loved that the service provided was exceptional, the turn around of my personal guide (which i just love and refer to every day) was fast, and that you went over and above for me long after our initial consultation was finished. I cant thank you enough for that!

I absolutely love this easy-to-use software. It has helped me put together spectacular presentations for my clients.


It’s a wonderful perk to be able to easily create styling solutions for our clients in a matter of hours. It has simplified mood board too!

Rosie Hammant

Indah Interior Styling

This really is a great design tool! 

Sound like the Software Solution you've been searching for? 



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