Interior Styling Guide, Interior Styling Software, Software tools for interior stylist and property stylists


Your styling business is second-to-none.

Now it needs to scale.

As an interior stylist or home staging expert, you’ve always faced one major hurdle -

How to create an interior styling solution that is easy, fast, time efficient and financially beneficial?

Now, it's made simple with the Mavico Interior Styling software option.

Interior Styling Guide, Interior Styling Software, Software tools for interior stylist and property stylists
Interior Styling Guide, Interior Styling Software, Software tools for interior stylist and property stylists

Mavico gives your clients a customised, interactive, shoppable styling guide for their home, and it gives you time back in your day. 


Mavico automates many of the time consuming, manual tasks that threaten to overwhelm your business, while providing you with the processes and resources you need to grow. 


Mavico will help you become a profitable business - all aspects have been developed to get you started immediately.

Our Offer

Interior Styling Guide, Interior Styling Software, Software tools for interior stylist and property stylists

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Mavico has been specifically designed for interior styling professionals. If you’re ready to offer your clients a unique service while streamlining your processes and maximising your profits, click here to learn more.

Interior Styling Guide

As a design industry professional, you know that consultations and projects can be complex and drawn out. 


But now you can make it easier on yourself and your clients with the Mavico Interior Styling Guide – a bespoke, white label software program that lets you maximise your time and profits by simplifying every stage of the process, from quote to completion.

No more:

Wasted hours (and aching backs!) shifting furniture back and forth.

Sourcing curtains, door handles, light fixtures, and end tables from multiple suppliers.

Shovelling your profits back into purchasing stock, renting warehouse space, and hiring transport companies.

Wasted time spent on quotes and consultations without a conversion to show for it at the end.

Interior Styling Guide, Interior Styling Software, Software tools for interior stylist and property stylists

style a home easily using our custom-built software and creates interactive and shopable design presentation documents, including mood boards, are generated with the click of a button.

We’ve also teamed up with your favourite wholesale furniture and homeware suppliers.  Their products are uploaded into the software, allowing you to pick what you want, sending it straight from the screen to the guide to create your client’s dream home (saving you time scouring multiple websites for that one perfect item!). 


You will earn the trade mark-up from all the products that your clients purchase, continuously boosting your income.

The Interior Styling Guide

lets you . . . 

Our Point of Difference

  • No product sourcing necessary.

  • All products are centrally located, organised in colour and or style.

  • The interactivity with the client when selecting the process allows you to include products that they already approved.

  • Fast and efficient.

  • With the click of 2 buttons the software curates all the products into an interactive and clickable Styling Guide and mood boards (it only takes a couple of minutes).

  • No graphic design skill required.

  • You earn approximately $180 per hour  + profit from each product that your client purchases.

  • Our platform allows us to re-market to your clients, and you continuously earn the trade discount on every product your clients purchase.

The Interior Styling Software
fits perfectly into any property or interior stylist’s range of services,
but how is it different?

Home page computer image.png
  • Scouring the internet to find the right products.

  • Products display differently over various websites.

  • Traditionally, you will select products you think the client will like, but they might not like the suggestions which means going back and forth.

  • Very time consuming.

  • Manually creating presentation documents and mood boards which takes a long time.

  • Graphic design skills required to create presentation documents.

  • Depending on the hourly rate, less all the time used to create the documents and sourcing the products and going back and forth with the client, ≠ $180 per hour.

  • Once the project with the client ends, your income ends.

Digital - using our Software


Maryna King

Hi, I’m Maryna King,

the founder of Mavico.


An interior designer with over a decade of advanced industry expertise that spans from South Africa, to Dubai, to Singapore, to Australia, Maryna is now based in Brisbane and proudly runs a successful and profitable interior styling and property staging business.


The quintessential creative personality, Maryna’s career has always centered on crafting beautiful things and looking outside the box to create solutions. She began her professional life in South Africa as a graphic designer, which soon evolved into running her own wedding styling business, which morphed into an interior styling and property staging business - all of which further fuelled her entrepreneurial appetite.


Throughout her styling career, Maryna helped so many people make delightful improvements to their homes, and she continually had clients request not only to style their homes before selling, but also to style their homes when planning to stay. 


However, the time-consuming and inefficient nature of sourcing the appropriate light fitting, the perfect cupboard door handle, the right art, or sofa, or mirror, etc, was not a viable business solution - nor was the aching back at the end of the day when she sat down to do the necessary evil  - paperwork. 


It was at that point Maryna made it her mission to modernise the way Interior professionals presented their skills and services to the world. This led to her developing Mavico, an innovative new business concept that is going to make a major impact and change lives for the better.


Interior Styling Guide, Interior Styling Software, Software tools for interior stylist and property stylists


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Stylist Testimonials

Styling Depot-square-white-620.png

Lisa Sheenan

After being in the Interior Styling Industry for many years now, we are acutely aware of how innovative this new Styling Guide software is and how it is a game changer for the industry as a whole.  The benefits to wholesale and retail suppliers alone will be immeasurable.

The software allows us to engage with an untapped market of furniture & homewares buyers. Essentially, the software is a direct conduit between dormant buyers and suppliers by way of “in-home styling consultations” that  bring the stores & suppliers into their world in a thoughtful and  accessible manner

Styled Easy.png

Katherine Bongiorno

I just wanted to reach out and thank you and your team at Mavico for providing the solution that I so needed within my interior styling business! 

Your amazing software has given me a solution to the problems I was facing on a daily basis! 

I have now gained so much time back, with the software creating the moodboards and shopping list that the clients can easily access and purchase from to bring the style to life! My clients have loved the interactive & organised experience with me. How did I ever live without it!

Thanks Again.

Kirsty Adorned Abode logo-Recovered.jpg

Kirsty Stone

Having access to software that could streamline the above steps, and providing a tool that can produce a document for the client almost instantly would be extremely beneficial. Ideally having pre sourced inventory to showcase the client, that could be constantly growing and upgraded, would allow me to feel confident that what I am offering my client is new and fresh.


Finally, something that presents all that information clearly and professionally for the client, would increase sales potential.

Rosie copy.png

Rosie Annan

I absolutely love this easy-to-use software. It has helped me put together spectacular styling presentations for my clients. 


The feedback received has been that of when previously out shopping for furniture & décor, it had started to become very overwhelming. The guide has given them a better sense of direction and knowing it is expert styling advice, has given them so much more confidence in creating their dream home.


It’s a wonderful perk to be able to easily create styling solutions for our clients in a matter of hours. This really is a great design tool! 

image1 2.JPEG


Working with Maryna of My Interior Stylist to pull together the decor of my kitchen, living room and dining rooms was a joy!


By showing me options using the Interior Styling Guide Software, I quickly found pieces that would complement my existing furniture. A comprehensive document was provided to me the next day with links to where these items could be purchased at my own pace.


My first purchase  was a set of three large copper pendant lights which hang over the kitchen island. These lights are absolutely stunning and have received many compliments. I never would have thought to choose these, but I can’t envision the room without them now.

IMG_0906 copy.jpg


What I liked most:


I liked knowing that I was being guided by an expert in interior styling, so I knew that the end result would be amazing.

I liked the ability to choose a 'style' to work with, and I was mind blown that the 

suggested items for my home were affordable and readily available. Not only did I love the suggestions, but I could afford to take on the recommendations, purchase the items and complete my home.

I loved that the service provided was exceptional, the turn around of my personal guide (which I just love and refer to every day) was fast, and that you went over and above for me long after our initial consultation was finished. I cant thank you enough for that!

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 6.14.26 pm.png


Maryna helped me in the space of 2.5hrs to bring my vision for a beautiful home to life. She took the time to understand how our family lives and what style and colours really light me up. She has a plethora of colour combinations and furniture options to inspire every space.


My styling problem #1 I know what I love but I can't put it together. I often go shopping and buy fun, beautiful pieces but then get them home and I don't know what to do with them. 

Maryna created my style guide that even shows me how to place rugs, style my bedside table, hang art and curtains. I feel so confident now when I go shopping, I can buy pieces I love and I know how to style them.


My styling problem #2 Money. With two young children I don't have thousands of dollars to spend at once on making my home look beautiful. Maryna's style guide allows me to purchase items when I have the budget and at  my budget. She discusses the items that are worth spending money on and the items that I can buy from affordable retailers. 


Maryna's advice has given me the confidence to create a beautiful home in my time and with my budget. I recommend the Styling Guide to anyone wanting to feel beautiful in their home. 

Client Testimonials

Interior Styling Guide, Interior Styling Software, Software tools for interior stylist and property stylists

Mavico has the software solution you've been searching for.